Luis Antonio Camargo Vergara - ASIPI Aruba 2016

Luis Antonio Camargo Vergara


Curriculum Vitae

Holds a Bachelor of Law and Political Science at the University of Panama in 1987. Master of Private Law from the University of Panama in 1995 and Specialization in Competition and Consumer Law from the Externado University of Colombia in the year 2003. Master of Superior Teaching at the University of Panama in 2003 and Specialization in Management from the University of Panama in 2004. Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Panama. Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law and Competition Law at the University Interamericana and University Latina since 2004. He has publications in the areas of Intellectual Property Law, Law Competition and Consumer law. He has been a participant and speaker at countless seminars and conferences on Economic Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law and Intellectual Property Law at national and international levels. He has held the position of Family Sectional Judge of the Judicial Circuit of Panama, Ninth Circuit of Panama, specializing in Free Competition and Intellectual Property. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Justice of the Third Superior Court of the First Judicial District of Panama.

  • Tuesday15-Mar-2016
10:45 am

Common problems facing the Court in cases of counterfeiting (Experts, Evidence)