Henry Camacho Montenegro - ASIPI Aruba 2016

Henry Camacho Montenegro

DIJIN National Police - Colombia

Curriculum Vitae

Criminal investigator of the DIJIN -National Police of Colombia. He has 17 years of experience in the area of criminal investigation, serving as a criminal investigator providing guidance and support to the administration of justice in the fight against impunity. He has completed a Basic Course of Judicial Police, Seminar witness researcher ( ICITAP ), Professional Technician of the Police Service, Neurolinguistic Course with emphasis on command and leadership, Certification digital citizen, Seminar first authority respondent in the oral accusatory penal system, Seminar on the police activity on the electoral process, certification with EUROPOL in SIENA end user training and legal identification certificate vs adulterated/counterfeit product with the International Federation of Spirits Producers (IFSP).

  • Monday14-Mar-2016
1:45 pm

What is being done globally? International Efforts to Combat Counterfeiting