Consumers in Danger: Counterfeiting Consumer Products - ASIPI Aruba 2016

Consumers in Danger: Counterfeiting Consumer Products

As in the case of medicinal products, consumers are in a highly vulnerable position before counterfeit consumer products. In this product segment, are, among others, the products we use for our personal hygiene, drinks and food. Consuming a counterfeit product of this segment can have a direct impact on our physical integrity, our health and our lives. These fakes can easily reach wholesale and retail business and be in convenience stores; they can be treats and beverages available to children; they can be deodorants and tooth pastes.

Panelists will share case studies and experiences on the practices of counterfeiters about consumer products and how companies seek to incorporate aspects that make it difficult to counterfeit the product or packaging; the problems that the industry may face from the perspective of the credibility and reputation with the public and exercises carried out in coordination with other companies and sectors to combat this heinous practice.

Room BC