High Risk for Human Life: Drug Counterfeiting - ASIPI Aruba 2016

High Risk for Human Life: Drug Counterfeiting

The sale of counterfeit drugs has grown by more than 90% over a period of 5 years, currently projecting above the 75,000 million dollars. The WHO has estimated that of the total global market for drugs, the percentage of counterfeit products is higher than 10%. These drugs may include contaminated materials, an incorrect active ingredient or the incorrect dosage or not contain an active ingredient at all. This situation may be present for example in products for headaches to products for cardiovascular treatments and organ implants. Their commercialization has caused and is causing many human losses and deterioration in the quality of life of patients. It is very clear that the forger wants the consumer’s money, not his health. This requires a more integrated and consistent work among countries, international organizations, pharmaceutical companies and consumers, among others. This panel will present data and information that will make us more aware of the scourge that for humanity represents the illegal practice of counterfeit drugs and the efforts that are being made to combat it.

Room BC